March 2011

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

Today is the birthday of the Domino Wizard...Happy Birthday Robert ! smiley

A Domino "Chain of Love" fundraiser

Mr. Speca,

My name is Jennifer Wickham and I work at St. George 

Episcopal School in San Antonio, TX.  I thought you might be 

interested in how we use dominoes at our school.


Every spring  our students collect money for issues related to global 

poverty, hunger, etc.  For every dollar we raise we put a domino on 

our gymnasium floor.  When the fundraising period is over, we all 

gather in the gym for a spectacular toppling.  The domino chain 

(dubbed "Chain of Love") is a metaphor for how little efforts add up 

to bigger things, and this project is helping our students learn that 

they can make a difference in the world.  I began this project in 

2006, and your Championship Domino Toppling book was one of the first 

resources I bought.  The first year we knocked down

3500--HUGE to me at the time--and last year it was 25,000.   Every  

year we use the slogan ONE DOLLAR=ONE DOMINO=ONE WORLD.  Because 

they've seen the impact of all this on our school community, other

schools have asked us to help them do Chains of Love of their own.   

The San Antonio Spurs have awarded us a grant to help us develop the 

project, and we're currently a semifinalist for an additional

$20,000 grant from them.  (see:


Here's another link to a story that ran on CNN last year:



Mainly I wanted to write you to THANK YOU, because your work has 

helped pave the way for our own.  It's fun to see how our project has 

grown over the years, and I thought you might get a kick out of seeing

how we're using dominoes to change the world!




Jennifer Wickham

Director of Religious Formation

St. George Episcopal School