November 2010

Domino Expert Comes To Town For A One Of A Kind Commercial

It's not something you see everyday: a sea of green, blue, and yellow. It’s a scene too pretty to touch, but in this case, that's the point. “The time spent in this entire project is a lot more than people probably realize,” says Beth Miller, President of HPN Marketing Services.

When Star Financial Bank decided to change their image, they hired HPN for help. “When people found out that we were going to use more than 20,000 dominos in a TV spot they were just amazed,” says Miller.

Like dominos, your financial life can often become scattered. Your banker isn't talking to your insurance agent, and your insurance agent isn't talking to your money manager. “With star bank, all three come together,” says Miller. And what better way to demonstrate that than with thousands of colored dominos, right? But as with all things, what goes up, must come down.

"I kept setting them up in my basement and before I knew it, I had 5,000 set up,” says Robert Speca, a domino expert. Speca flew in from Philadelphia for the shoot. He's set multiple records for the most dominos ever set up-- “The most I set up was 111,111 and that filled a whole basketball court. It took 2-weeks to set up and 35-minutes to fall over,” says Speca.

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